Homemade Sujuk With The Right Spices From a Master Chef

Homemade Sujuk
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How to make homemade sujuk with the right spices to be sure of the result. Supermarkets and meat shops are stocked with all kinds of sausages, the prices of which are quite inflated, while at the same time the quality is lacking. From here started our desire to find a really good and successful recipe for not just any sausage, namely homemade sujuk, with the perfect spices.

With the onset of winter and the approach of Christmas holidays, the time becomes more suitable to make this delicacy, a meze loved and revered by all Bulgarians (and not only).

However, not every recipe is successful. Today we have prepared for you, a proven one, the taste of which will satisfy all the senses of even the most demanding critic of home-made sujuk. We got the recipe from a local master sausage maker, who has proven himself in the preparation of meat – salted and seasoned, stuffed and dried 🙂

Recipe for homemade sujuk with spices

With this recipe, we’re sure you’ll impress everyone who tries your homemade spiced sujuk – a recipe shared by an experienced butcher!


  • 5 kg. pork shoulder;
  • 21 g of salt;
  • 5 gr. savory;
  • 2 gr. pepper;
  • 2 gr. cumin;
  • 1 gr. sugar;
  • natural casings for filling.

* spices are per kilogram of meat!

How to make homemade sujuk with spices

You cut the pork into large cubes and put it in a large colander in a cool room to drain for 24 hours. Then you grind the meat and add the spices listed above, mixing well. Store the flavored meat in the refrigerator, again for 24 hours, periodically stirring it to flavor it evenly.

Fill the intestines with a length of 25 cm, tying the ends well with cotton string (you need to make “ears”) so that you can hang it on them afterwards. You hang the finished sujuks on a rod and leave them warm (room temperature) until they are “red” or for about 12 to 15 hours.

You move the suzuks to a suitable room with a temperature of about 12 degrees and 75% humidity. Sujuks are dried until their weight is reduced by 45%. They are rolled every day or every other day. Homemade sujuk, you can dry in a specially adapted sausage dryer (see the photo above and below), and the result is a unique appetizer in a short time, according to a tried and tested method by the person who provided us with the recipe and photos.

Of course, if you do not have such a drying device, it will be more difficult for you, but by no means impossible. You just need to take the suzuks outside when it’s cold to dry, avoid fogs and put them away regularly in the evening. If the weather is warm, it is advisable to store them in a cool and airy place.

Only time will tell when your homemade sujuk is ready to eat.

We hope it worked for you if you have already made homemade sudjuk with this recipe. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below on the page.


We are sure that if you decide to try this recipe you will be extremely satisfied, so we offer another drying recipe, but this time for dried red peppers.

And soon you may have to make a delicious feast of stuffed peppers with minced meat and rice, which are traditionally prepared around Christmas and the New Year holidays.

Just a reminder that for people with problems with uric acid levels (or diagnosed with gout), it is recommended to avoid consuming foods with a high purine content, such as sujuka.


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