Advertising through paid publication improves the presentation of your products or services by promoting and raising the image of your business through properly selected approaches.

Terms of publication

  • materials are sent at least one business day before the desired publication date;
  • the post is placed in a category of your choice;
  • the advertiser is responsible for the copyright and all other rights to the materials in the submitted publication;
  • up to 10 pieces of photographic material with a minimum resolution of 1200px/inch are allowed;
  • permissible external links per article – 3 pieces;
  • recommended length of the text 350 – 900 words;
  • the article is positioned on our home page for at least 2 days, after which it remains permanently in our archive;
  • every article is also published on our social profiles on request;
  • reserves the right to refuse publication if it considers that the material would damage the reputation of the website.

Price for publishing a PR article – €200 or $220

To contact us about a PR campaign or other type of advertising, please fill out and submit the inquiry form or use the contacts below.

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