Shrimp And Bacon Pasta

Shrimp and bacon pasta

Shrimp and bacon pasta? Two apparently very different first courses that we have merged into a single irresistible recipe, pasta with prawns and bacon! A combination land and sea that will surprise you with its balanced taste: the flavor of the guanciale, in fact, does not overpower the sweetness of the shrimps, on the contrary, it brings it out making the seasoning rich and succulent.

Shrimp And Bacon Pasta

As a pasta format we could only choose paccheri, perfect for scooping up the tasty tomato-based sauce, while the final touch of burrata adds a fresh and creamy note… are you ready to dare new delicious combinations? With the shrimp and bacon pasta the goodness is raised to maximum power!


  • Paccheri 320 g;
  • Gamberi 12;
  • Pillow 120 g;
  • Burrata 500 g;
  • Peeled tomatoes 850 g;
  • Garlic 1 clove;
  • Basil to taste;
  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste;
  • Sale fino q.b;
  • Pepe nero q.b.

How To Make Shrimp And Bacon Pasta

To prepare the prawn and bacon pasta, first cut the bacon into thin strips1, then move on to cleaning the prawns: remove the head and the carapace2, then cut the back with the tip of a small knife3and gently pull out the black thread.

Place a pan with water on the heat to cook the pasta, adding salt to the boil. Heat a large pan and brown the bacon for a few minutes over medium heat. When the bacon is golden and crunchy4remove it from the pan and keep it aside. In the same pan, add the prawns and brown them briefly on one side only, always over medium heat. When the prawns begin to curl and brown at the base6remove them from the pan and keep them aside.

Still in the same pan, add the garlic clove with a sprig of basil and leave to flavor for a couple of minutes. Remove the garlic and basil from the pan, pour in the peeled tomatoes8and season with salt.

Cook over low heat for 30 minutes, scraping the bottom of the pan with a wooden ladle so that the flavor of the cooking juices blends with that of the sauce. At the end of cooking, add the prawns and bacon and turn off the heat. Meanwhile, the water will have come to the boil, so pour in the paccheri and cook them for 3 minutes less than the time indicated on the package.

In the meantime, season the burrata with oil, salt and pepper. Once the cooking time has passed, drain the paccheri in the pan with the sauce

Turn the heat on again and sauté the pasta with the sauce for the remaining 3 minutes, then turn off and season with a drizzle of oil and a grind of pepper. Finally, complete the dish by breaking the burrata directly onto the plate. Your shrimp and bacon pasta is ready to be served.

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  1. Hello cooking fans, just made this pasta recipe with shrimps and bacon, but replaces the bacon with chorizo and become much, much tasty!
    Thank you guys


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